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Coffeehouse Explorations (ed. 3)

Posted on July 14, 2017 by Kelly

The following blog is one of many in a set called #CoffeeHouseExplorations. Click the hashtag to see them all. I’m a teacher and I don’t like doing school work at home. I need home to just be for home. Since my KIPP campus is way out in east Austin, I pass by SO many cool places on my way home. I’m exploring them one at a time.

Today’s features include Brentwood Social HouseMonkey Nest Coffee, and Zhi Tea (not coffee, but close enough).

Brentwood Social House is a little house that has been converted into a coffee shop. They left the walls, all the rooms, everything. Now, there are tables and chairs in each space so there’s plenty of work space.  It feels like working at home! But your kitchen has baristas ready to fuel you up. They serve a bit more than coffee, including tea and small bites (like quiche). I also love their style. They have an awesome mural depicting the Brentwood neighborhood inside their hip black and white exterior.

Monkey Nest Coffee was an excellent find. They have a huge space with a ton if individual tables. It’s clear Monkey Nest was made for people do to work at. They also remind me a bit of Cuppa Austin because of their MASSIVE drink menu. They have everything you could want, and then some. Very impressed. They also serve little pizzas, sandwiches, everything you’d need to spend a very comfortable day working there.

Zhi Tea was another awesome find. Their location may seem out of the way (4607 Bolm Rd), but there’s quite a bit popping up around them! I plan to go back to visit SaTen, the Bento Kitchen Kiosk, Juice by Daily Greens, and a few others. Zhi Tea is a tea house. They have a ton of fresh, loose leaf tea to choose from. You can get it hot, iced, a whole pot, or as part of a tea tasting tray. If you like tea and tea tasting, you have to check this place out. They also sell loose leaf tea in little bags. I like the small bags because I feel like I rarely use all the loose leaf tea I buy.