SOLD OUT! Living Room Show with Clap Your Hands Say Yeah



The shop will close at 6pm to prepare. We will open the shop at 7pm to ticket holders. You must present a ticket to enter.

Alec Ounsworth Solo Show

Thursday, January 24th
8pm to 10pm

Alec Ounsworth of Clap Your Hands Say Yeah is doing a “Living Room Show” at Brentwood Social House!

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Living Room Shows are private shows hosted by fans in spaces such as, living rooms, basements, lofts, recording studios, yoga studios, bike shops, screen printing shops, clothing stores, coffee shops, cafes, churches, etc. For each show we try to find the best space based on the acoustics of the room, proximity to parking and public transportation, restroom access, available seating, and when possible ADA accessibility. We're trying to create intimate shows that will be a positive and memorable experience for guests and artists.

Bring your PDF to the show (printed or on your phone). This PDF includes the address, parking info, and other details. Please don't share this info with anyone. In addition, your name will be on a list at the door. All tickets will be listed under the purchaser’s name. Groups of two or more must arrive with the purchaser (example: Jeff Lebowski +3). You just need to bring one copy of your ticket for everyone in your group.

No one will be allowed to enter unless their name is on the list at the door. No additional admissions will be sold at the door. You must buy admission here to get into this show.

Arrival time and showtime will be on your ticket. It varies for each show.

Most shows are general admission floor seating. We'll mention on each PDF what kind of seating is available and if you should bring a cushion to sit on the floor or if a folding camp chair is ok.

These are intimate performances being hosted in a private space. It's not a party. Please be respectful of the performance, the hosts, their home and the neighbors as you come and go. By purchasing tickets you understand and agree that you attend a living room show at your own risk. We do our best to make sure each show is hosted in a place that can adequately and safely accommodate all guests, but you will be responsible for yourself and your own safety at-all-times. The performers, hosts, homeowners, Undertow, and other guests at the show will not be responsible for any injury or loss resulting from your attendance or any activities before, during or after the show. We'll work together with the host to make sure that any inappropriate behavior by guests is stopped, and if necessary, the host will ask uncooperative guests to leave. Please help us make this a good and positive experience for everyone so we can continue to do shows like this. Thank you.