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Dream Conversations, Dream Community

Dream Conversations

Bringing conversations about dreams to the larger community as part of everyday life

With very few exceptions, everyone dreams every night -- even when dreams are not remembered -- and there are innumerable benefits to not only learning about your own dreams but also in having conversations about dreams, on a regular basis, with other people.

Join us for an open forum to talk about dreams and dreaming and to learn ways to invite dream sharing and dream conversations as a normal part of everyday waking life. You don’t have to know what a dream ‘means’ in order to have a meaningful conversation about dreams and dream experiences with friends and family.

Our conversation can take many directions, and possible topics include:

  • The value of sharing dreams and listening to the dreams of other people, especially on a regular basis.
  • Techniques to help connect with one’s personal dreams and their message(s).
  • Listening and responding to another person’s dream.
  • Open-ended questions that help a dreamer find personal meaning in a dream.
  • Practical application of dream messages.
  • Talking with kids about dreams and encouraging/supporting dream conversations.
  • Discovering larger landscape of the dream world and the role of dreams in navigating, evaluating, and creating the kind of world we want to live in.

We live our waking lives in interconnected relationships (human and non-human, local and global, known and unknown) and our dreams speak to these connections and interactions. And while it seems that we dream alone each night, we also dream as part of the larger world.  We dream together as much as, if not more than, we dream alone. We dream, not only for ourselves, but we also dream for -- and with -- each other. Please join us for Dream Conversations for a Dream Community.

Victoria Vlach has been working with dreams for over 30 years. She has facilitated a variety of dream-related workshops and classes through the years, was Founder and Organizer of the Austin Dreams Meetup (2006-2013), and was a periodic contributor to Dream Network Journal (1998-2014).

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