Breakfast Pie [Vegetarian]

Roasted potato, onion, and tomato blended with eggs and baked in Belgian puff pastry [Vegetarian]

Sausage Roll

Spicy Italian chicken sausage wrapped in Belgian puff pastry

Cheese Pasty [Vegetarian]

Antonelli’s Cheddar Cheese wrapped in Belgian puff pastry [Vegetarian]

Spinach, feta and egg baked in Belgian puff pastry, topped with tomato [Vegetarian]

Spinach-Feta Tartlet [Vegetarian]

All-natural white meat chicken in a fennel-spiced cream sauce

Chicken Pie

Vegan pie crust filled with roasted cauliflower and
chickpeas in an Indian-spiced curry [Vegan]

Nazmeen’s Curry Pie [Vegan]